вторник, 18 января 2011 г.

Abracadabra in my mind

   Ones apon a time I decided to find out about mystery programming language called - LISP. The number of myths surrounding this language surpasses all reasonable limits.
The most common myths that I have heard by myself:
  1. Its the godlike language that can everything, and nothing couldn't be better that LISP.
  2. It can be usefull only at narrow scientific enviroment.
  3. Lisp is - Lots of Idiotic Silly Parentheses, and source-files of LISP in unreadable.
   All this myths are still myths. At least for me.
   Writing LISP programms before long years of uni life and learning at unversity imperative programming languages, like C#, Java, etc. - its something crazy.
   So I started with the bases of the language. For example, not bad option for russian-language people is the course at the INTUIT, or the posts at Habrahabr. Of course we can take the book, aren't we? After some time of searching via global web, I found some interesting books about LISP. All collection of books you can find here. Its all russian-language, except the SICP.
   Some time studying on courses INTUIT and some books, I decided to test the knowledge in action. Where can I do it? FreeLance - of course. On the advice of a friend chose the site odesk.com. I found 2 project with the requirements of knowledge LISP. Not bad payment, and no competition. Great! I've got it. Because of the lack of PayPal or WebMoney account, I decided to contact to employer directly. Agreed on the timing of work and payment method, passing the site odesk, and 3 weeks later I passed the project and received payment.
   After that, I realized that I did not know anything about LISP. I tried to wrote code in non-imperative manner, but I had not enough knowledges. So I went to study Lisp more closly. In the process of learning, I bumped into another functional language - Haskell. But its the topic of future posts.

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